Coron / Only mermaids


My teeth clenched hard, tense, aware I was breathing but certain I may stop. Heavy deep breaths, telling myself to relax, then in pours a rush of cold salty water to my eyes, up my nose. Ok…just breathe, hold your googles, head back, blow your nose. Ok my googles weren’t quite free from water yet. I think it was fair to say Jade and I hadn’t quite mastered our diving training. The next 15 mins were spent half choking and spitting salt water, the other half offering moral support looking back into each other’s eyes, counting down our next emergency practice.  Our instructor came back to test us and gave us the thumbs up- we were mermaid ready! Channeling my inner Ariel, we kicked our way down to the deep blue oceans. 

Coron is all about the world that lays beneath the water- numerous sunken shipwreck and coral reefs. As we kicked we got closer to the Irko wreck. The long dark matter that sat amongst the many blue tones and small fishes. It’s uneven edges, where it has become part of the sea bed. It’s presence known to all around, as we swam around it. 

I felt like part of the documentary team exploring the titanic, as our instructor pulled us through the open door into the wreckage. Immediately your sense of gravity disappears. The boat on a 45degree, we swam through the archways, exploring each room no longer sure which way was up and which was down. Darkness pours into the room, we stay close as we make our way to the exit, a void of dark blue. Nothing to distinguish your location. You did not want to get lost down here, in that moment it was easy to see how one can feel trapped in a mass is space.  Before pondering too long on such a thought, we would move to the corals. A beautiful array of colours; schools of fishes, the spikes of sea urchins and slowing moving organisms, one minute closed the next an array of colours. A whole new world for sure!