Boracay/ Drum to the rhythm of your heart


Long white beaches, crystal clear waters and a stirring drum beat that echos from bar to bar. The party island. With my best girlie in hand, together we were ready to take on the island. Checking into your classic party hostel, where beers were being served to hungover travellers for breakfast! By day enjoying the many beautiful beaches, getting our tan on, sampling one to many beachside cocktails, making our way to Spiderhouse for sunset as come night Boracay had different plans for us.  The night would bring The jungle boys. 15 Filipino Rastas drumming to the night, howling down the moon. Jumping the fire. Chests bare, hair swinging they’re primal beats filled the air as we were sired in to dance. Learning more about the island drum circle we discovered one of them, from New York, was in fact the lead drummer of Santa and part of the New York 72nd circle, but left for love of the island! Later I would try my luck at drumming only to wake up the next day with swollen bruised hands- oops! 

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