El Nido/ Paradise on earth

A horizon of sparkling deep blues and greens sit beyond us. Crystal clear waters wash upon the powdered white sand. On either  side shadows the valleys of lagoons, heavy, dark rocks, with their imposing weight framing the tropical pallete upon us.

Digging our toes into the sand and sipping on a fresh coconut and rum, surely this had to be paradise. Natural beauty. Completely untouched, a breathtaking force of scale and power. Serine. It makes you think what the hell we did to the rest of the world, how could you destroy this- pollute it, cut it down!  From private islands you can hire for dinner for two, to my favourite floating rum bar, or the tower catherdral caves and shallows of nemo styls fish, this was incredible. To top it off we stubbled across the beautiful Bird’s Nest. Set up by honeymooners Mark and Camilla, they had created a glamping spot just off the beach in the hills looking out to the ocean. Decor that you wish was your house, great playlists, the perfect book collection, homebaked treats in the afternoon and delicious large bottle of red for sunset, what more could a gal ask for!

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