Manila/ Wacky races

Its hot, sticky, noise in every direction. Street food vendors calling out at you, the whiff of fried chicken and BBQ meat. Tightly compact buildings and a skyline of towers in the distance. Manila was familiar to many other Asian cities I had previously explored. Only this time it was like real life had been inter cut with a comic strip. A brush tainting reality. Bright pops of primary colours filled the streets, as 1/3 men passing you by rocked a basketball jersey. Big trucks, scattered everywhere where tricycles. Colourful geometric- transformer like boxed shaped vechiles, powered by a bike. Each one rocking its own cartoon like slogan; ‘thunderbird’ or ‘princess leia’ Even the bikes looked like the belonged to power ranges! With their sharp angular shapes and vivid paint jobs. Nothing about the public transport here was either subtle or formal! 

As the traffic whizzes by it was like looking at a scene from wacky races- the cars, vans and tricycles in all their shapes and sizes, waiting for the lights, revving ready to take off. 

Amongst the madness, Manila holds its own quirks- with loud brash kareoke, obscure cafes such as the random Harry Potter cauldron cafe or cockerel fighting, which I made a swerve for! 

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