Pokhara/ Ohh balls!

img_3521Stood at the edge of a 200m drop. Everything feels light, I can’t feel the harness attached to me or the cord, expecting them to feel tight, they’re more like a lose backpack minus any weight! I look out at this vast expanse of nothing but air. This wide open valley which in meant to be throwing myself into- what the fuck am I thinking?! Why am I doing this? I know why because I’m bloody stubborn and two days ago at the top of a mountain decided to bungee to prove to myself I could! Right, get your shit together and jump. I’m nervously asking a gizzilon questions, you know so I don’t do something stupid and ohh I don’t know kill myself! Ok out of questions time to do it. 1, 2… I focus on the horizon of the mountain range, it’s just like jumping into a pool, 3 , into the pool I go. Nothing like a fucking pool! Shit!



Every part of my body is screaming survive, stop falling,the valley is passing by me so quick the ground getting closer I’m scrabbling wanting to grab onto something, anything. My mind is racing so quick, it’s on overdrive taking in so much information that I don’t even get that stomach in your mouth feeling. Then before I can truely panic the cord bounces and I’m hurdled back up into the air, this time my stomach really is in my mouth and again my limbs are all over the place at a lose again! I’m sure this is where you would go into some air dynamic pose if you knew what you were doing, but at this point I’m still swearing and screaming! Then as I fall back down everything slows and goes quiet. I’m falling and floating through the air so so slowly, it feels almost serine, feeling the fresh air, seeing the edges of the valley, my mind is so clear and free of thought. A few seconds later and I’m just hanging, fat grin amazed I actually jumped, now pulling myself back up to be lowered into a boat. Bloody shit scary, but so much fun, can easily see how that could get addictive. 


If your thinking about,  it do it! Pokerha, has so many adventure sports. Sat around the table at my hostel, there are a number of sleepy heads getting coffee down them at 6am about to set off on an adventure. From water rafting, paragliding or those loading the chocolate bars into their backpacks for a trekking to Everest base camp. 

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