Goa/ The sun, the stars, the moon

Close your eyes, hear the crashing waves, the salty breeze over your face and the sun dancing on your skin, warm…burning. Relax. Goa, is not like the India I had been seeing. Flooded with expats and tourists it is very much a holiday destination. Beautiful beaches, sunsets with cocktails, beach huts on the sea front with waves to awaken you. After a month of the intense chaos, it was a very much welcomed calm.

Much of India post 9pm is a no go zone- bed time or time to spend with your family. However, welcome Goa the heartland of the original acid hippies. Go to the north and you will find yourself in a Malia type strip of constant nightlife, party goers and sytrance, or enjoy as I did the calmer south side. Star gazing, with beers a fire to gentle house or fun stumbling through the jungle at Leopard Valley to some serious beats. Enjoy the mixed crowd of ravers from Indian holiday makers wanting to lose their minds or the nodding of the old school hippies, shaking their grown out locks.



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