Jaipur/ Let’s go fly a kite

img_1960Like a flock of birds dancing, dots of colour littered the skyline, as kites soared and turned, looking down on the thousands who had taken to the roofs. January 14th is Rajhastan’s kite festival. 

The festival is meant to step back to the Maharaja Ram Sing II in 1835, he loved to fly kites and once exhausted would cut the strings letting the fly loose, anyone who wished to search and bring the kite back to hi would be rewarded. 14th January, is the first day of Spring, so welcoming in the sun this day was chosen to celebrate the Maharaja.

Today you will see people all of the city taking part. Whilst there is the main stadium where people will compete, mainly families and friends with gather on their roofs, with food and music ready to challenge each other, gliding their kites across the sky, directing the rough lines to cut each other down. Then turning to fireflies at night the kites are replaced with thousands of lanterns, creating a beautiful trance over the city.

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