Udaipur/ Looking to the sky

img_1985My chest rose as I breathed in deeply, extending my arms above my head. 

“And whhhhh, exhale out as you look to the sun, feel the natural heat wash over you, let your arms sink…” I had risen to morning yoga, looking out to Udaipur, the city of romance. 

Stillness spreads across the lake. The City Palace lights glitter in sky blue water, reflecting the delicate architecture of the surrounding temples among the glimmering pinks of the rising sun. Woven throughout the cobbled streets are jewellers, craftsmen,  artists, creating a soul for the city of tranquility and bohemia. Every thing here feels slower, quieter, calmer. An energy which sits nicely with India’s strong beliefs of superstition and spirituality. Welcomed with smiles and blessings, there are many places for yoga, raki, and palm readings. The people here believe in connecting your mind, body, and soul. 

After being told by several local people that I have positive aura, but that I think too much, I was given a full character analysis by Diptesh during a palm reading – a skill that had been passed on from his father and grandfathers as the Brahmins of the city. They believe that astrology and astronomy are connected; that the planets physically influence us. For example, the moon governs the tides, and as our bodies are made up of 72% water, they too are affected by its cycles, and so the moon controls our emotions. Venus influences our affections, Jupiter our ambition, the Sun our courage, and Mercury our environment. By identifying our rising stars, we can look at our personalities and predict how we are most likely to react to a situation. The creases in our palms tell the story of our past and the markings of the emotional reservoirs within us. Each line refers to different aspects of our lives: health, love, travel, and career. By aligning both palms and planets they can interpret events in your life and foretell or advise to your future.  


I was sure to give away as little as possible to see the accuracy in what he said. He gave me key dates over the last few years, where big events have happened, moments of difficulty. He talked about love, my career, my relationship with my family.He told me the next 9 months I will learn and shouldn’t make any big decisions.

With any of these things, there is no distinct proof – just belief. Are you finding meaning in his words because you’re looking for it, or are you closing your mind, always finding a reason to dismiss such ideas? Either way, I found it insightful. So for now the details of my pending love life and career shall stay close to my chest, but ask me after a bev and you might just get the details out of me! 

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